We provide you with a beautifully designed RESPONSIVE web site that will meet all your online needs. Our staff of trained monkeys will do whatever we tell them to do, even if it means doing it over and over and over and over until the client is happy with their vision. We will torture our web-lackeys every 30 minutes,┬áproviding you with updates as to what they’ve accomplished, so that you know we’re on it. We’ve even hired a staff of “managers” and “coordinators” to sit behind these temperamental artist types, ensuring that we have a free-flowing pipeline into what the status of your project is, at any given time. We’ll provide confusing charts and graphs ┬áthat we’ll have to charge you to explain. Come down yourself and contribute your ideas, even after the project has been approved and signed-off on! We don’t mind – that’s what Teamwork* is all about here at XberXabre.



* (We put the capital T in teamwork.)