None of the higher-ups have a clue as to what these freaks of nature are doing. (Have they every heard of lights? Who works in the dark?!) We can ensure that we scream at them daily and force deadlines on them regardless of our knowledge of how long they say it’s going to take. In this way, we’re able to keep projects on track with a minimum of time-wasting. Remember, a constantly busy worker is a productive worker! We make sure that all our programmers receive daily lashings so they understand that even if they think they are geniuses, we’re in charge around here and no amount of schooling or degrees are going to prove otherwise. They know nothing¬†about¬†BUSINESS. That’s our specialty! Think it’s unrealistic to come up with a crazy idea on the spot and have it executed same-day? Do your worst! Let’s throw it at our programmers and see if it sticks.