Project Management

As we’ve mentioned previously, our style of project management might seem insane to some, but we’ve produced RESULTS. And that’s what you’re looking for. We don’t have time to hand-hold little cry-babies. No matter how over-worked or confused our employees are, we here at Xber Xabre will make sure to crack the whip! We berate, terrify and threaten our employees until we achieve the desired results. Our background comes from various un-namable small start-ups and through our vast experience we’ve managed to build an empire that will cater to the clients needs at all costs. There’s always another code-monkey or banner-jockey right around the corner! Our methods of sledgehammer™* management always do the trick, even if these thin-skinned animals can’t handle the heat. With Xber Xabre, you’re getting the BEST and if that means firing EVERYONE and hiring the BEST, we’re prepared to do so. We believe that throwing money around solves all problems.


*Not really trademarked, although, our president Zigmund Danzig is working on patenting the term.