SEO is the most singular, important, simple part of your marketing plan. You know that HTML tag in the web page that says “META“? Just fill it out with thousands of “key-words” then make the font the same color as the web page and viola! SEO magic! Shit, I guess we shouldn’t have revealed that here on our site, but we’re that willing to be transparent, so you know you can believe that we’re completely looking out for your best interests.

We’re like one big happy family here at Xber Xabre and all our employees, regardless of their utter STUPIDITY and LAZINESS will all tell you they’re the happiest they’ve ever been in an internet-related job. Just ask them!*

Some of of our other classic SEO campaigns have included registering every domain that the user might mistype. For example if someone types in “” instead of your domain ( they will get a generic search page designed to trick them into surfing another one of your sites anyway! All that stands between you and all that money making traffic is one letter!


*Please contact our human resources department before approaching anyone from our company.