Social Marketing

Social Marketing is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT marketing and advertising tool you have at your disposal. Did we already say that with SEO Optimization? Well, FORGET IT! These days if you don’t push your products on everyone who joins social web sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and AOL, you’re losing valuable eyeballs!* Don’t be a fucking idiot! Listen to us and we’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge we’ve garnered after years of trial and error in this business. People are STUPID. They forget who you are as soon as they log off or head over to their favorite porn or recipe site. What you need to do is HAMMER them unconscious so that your social media message goes VIRAL¬†and burns itself into the puny brains of these walking bank machines! You must sell them the sizzle until they are so sick of it, they vomit on the steak and pay you off just to shut you the hell up! It’s worked for us** and NOW we’re going to make it work for YOU!


* Don’t worry about it, it’s an industry phrase, we don’t expect you to understand. That’s why we’re the experts.
** This is a relative term – please don’t take this literally. We can provide metrics if need be.